Thanks Bandcamp

And that’s it. My internship at Bandcamp is officially over. I like the idea of summarizing my summer as simply adding an asterisk to a CSV file, but it was obviously much more than that. I really could write pages about how much I enjoyed this experience, but I’d rather just finish with a story about Swedish Fish.


There happens to be a lovely deli in Vermont where they still support the idea of single candy purchases. Obviously as an attraction for those who like to hearken back to the ‘good old days’ rather than out of any serious motivation to make a profit. Among the old fashioned treats there is a huge jar of Swedish Fish. Given its novelty status, I was surprised to hear from an employee about the many responsibilities associated with this jar of candy. For something that appears to not have a significant impact on the store’s success, she explained that it required a significant amount of maintenance. Staff had to ensure that special orders were made, and that the fish were rotated, and checked regularly to make sure they didn’t get stale. All for something that would boost morale within the community, and please the tourists and the grandparents taking their grandkids out for a treat. And all of a sudden I found myself feeling a sense of respect and admiration for that jar of Swedish Fish.

It makes me think about Bandcamp.

Bandcamp is like a jar of Swedish Fish, it evokes similar feelings through its emphasis on serving the happiness of others and building community. Most especially where the connection rises, though, is through my observations of and interactions with the Bandcamp team. Now although the story suggests that people don’t necessarily notice the hard work behind a service such as Bandcamp, I am not suggesting that BC goes unappreciated. What I am saying is that I have become Bandcamp’s number 1 fan through witnessing their hard work first hand. Bandcamp does get a lot of praise via fans, users and bloggers, and I can assure you from an insider’s perspective that it is all extremely well deserved.

I will forever be proud to rightfully have ‘this one time at Bandcamp’ as part of my vocabulary. Thanks again Bandcamp, there certainly is no better way to spend a summer.

Auf Wiedersehen


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